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A group of homeless women must learn that a glimmer of hope is worth more than all the money in the world.   Based on the play by Doron Braunshtein, Bianca is an undercover police officer hiding in a NYC women's shelter to help clean up the neighborhood crime and protect women, all while trying to deal with the loss of her family who were recently killed by a drunk driver.  The women who share a room with Bianca all have the nicknames of the celebrities they hide from their lives by imitating:  Madonna, Oprah, Lauren Hutton, Martha Stewart and Juliette 'Lucifer' Lewis.  This same group of individuals are plagued by drug addiction, prostitution, gambling, depression, racism, schizophrenia and violent tendencies yet they need each other for survival.



-  Feb.17th, 2023 - World Premiere as Opening Night Film for Winter Film Awards International Film Festival at 9 pm at Cinema Village

(22 E 12th St., NY, NY 10003).  SOLD OUT!

- Feb.19th, 2023 - Canadian Premiere at 7 pm at Revue Cinema

(400 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto, ON M6R 2M9 Canada).

- June 11th, 2023 - West Coast Premiere at Marina del Rey Film Festival at 7:30 pm at Cinemark 18 and XD (6081 Center Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90045).



* Winter Film Awards:  MARS ROBERGE: A PATH OF HIS OWN
The Independent Critic: Stars
OriginalRock: The brand new pavement-pounding Mars Roberge film ‘STARS’ gets reviewed,
and it’s a 9/10 treat (-ish). 

MyIndie Productions: Stars [2023] Film Review by Ethan Stamper
* The Buzz: Stars – arthouse indie film about the struggles of displacement that women face on the streets of NYC
* Tsionizm: Canadian Premiere Of “Stars” In Toronto On February 19th @ 19pm, Held At Revue Cinema
* Winter Film Awards: Looking to the Sky in hope for a better day In Mars Roberge's Stars
* BestThingsNY: Winter Film Awards International Film Festival
* Soho Radio London: Jim Sclavunos Interviews Mars + Debra from Stars

No Rest for the Weekend: STARS Premieres at Winter Film Awards 2023
WFA 2023 Previews: "Stars", directed by Mars Roberge
* Nevernaire: The Incredibly Gifted, Rah Digga is in the House!

* Pause the World  for Peace: A story of six homeless women on the hard streets of New York City in a new film premiered on 17th February!
Queens Gazette: The Stars on NYC's Streets
Scooper: A story of six homeless women on the hard streets of New York
* The Co-op City News: Invitation: world premiere of "Stars" at the 11th Winter Film Awards International Film Festival
Nevernaire: What’s been up with Rah Digga? Find out now
THE STRAIGHT SHOOTERS: an interview with indie filmmaker Mars Roberge Part 1
THE STRAIGHT SHOOTERS: an interview with indie filmmaker Mars Roberge Part 2
Transcending A Score: A Conversation With Michael Cashmore
* Production Post Mortem on Stars with Mars Roberge & Kenneth Shaw
* Artistic Tour-De-Force Debra Haden Talks Filmmaking Survival
* A Legend Goes Indie - Point of View w/ Rah Digga
* Make Your Feature Competition Film "Stars" is in Production - POV: Mars Roberge
WMM Make Your Feature Competition Winners Announced!



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